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Well hello again! How was your coffee on Monday? Did you love it? I bet you did!

By this point in the week you’re probably feeling a bit like a caged animal, what with working from home and you know, living there too. Why not break it up a bit with a change of scene?

Here are a few options for you…

The Curious Lounge

Perfect for anyone who’s feeling a bit isolated at home, you can buy a day pass with zero commitment to try out working down at The Curious Lounge. You’ll find fresh, modern surroundings, plenty of COVID-19 safety measures and other people doing exactly what you’re doing…escaping the house.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also have the perfect base for heading out and grabbing your lunch from one of our other marvellous indie businesses in the town centre.


Unable to commit to a full day away from home but keen for a change of scene for a while? If you’ve been following Shed on social media, then you’ll have seen that they’re more than happy for you to WFS…Work From Shed. They’ll keep you well fed and watered…they even have breakfast options AND you can log on and escape your home for a bit.

You could be working here…beautiful!

Blue Collar Food

If you don’t have the luxury of working from a space that isn’t your home for a few hours, hopefully you do have just enough time to nip into town and grab yourself a midweek treat from one of Blue Collar’s street food vendors. The only danger is you’ll want it all and stuff yourself so full that you fall asleep mid-Zoom this afternoon!

Please, please pop on out and support our local businesses. They will love you for it!