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Have you ever watched a crime drama on TV and had a moment when you imagine that you have the potential to be the ultimate detective and solve crimes instantly? (Don’t pretend you haven’t…) Well, IR has found the perfect experience for you and it’s right here in Reading.

The Forensic Experience was started in July 2018 by ex-CSI, Hayley Scott and offers both adults and children the opportunity to try their hand at being a CSI. (Crime Scene Investigator, in case you weren’t sure.)

Since starting the business, Hayley has run events for Scout groups, schools, businesses and private parties. Children’s experiences follow cases such as “who stole the pizza” or “catch the burglar”, while adult experiences are more taxing and can even involve silicone bodies at “murder” scenes.

Typical events will cover:

  • Meeting at the crime scene to sign in, dress in protective clothing and learn a bit about what forensics and DNA are
  • A forensic briefing; what’s happened at the scene and who the suspects are
  • Examination of the crime scene, including DNA testing and finger print collection
  • Receiving and understanding the test results from the lab
  • Final suspect interviews where you learn whether your detective work was effective

A typical CSI experience is £25 each and lasts for 2 hours. Corporate / party bookings are subject to requirements.

14th April 2019 is the next CSI adult event and 7th April is the next family event.

For more information, check out The Forensic Experience’s website. Or you can find the Facebook page here.