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SweetsA few weeks ago I found myself in the incredibly fortunate position of being invited along to Rosie’s Chocolate Factory in Wargrave to try out making some yummy chocolates of my very own. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to expect but excited nonetheless because, well…chocolate!

Upon arrival at Rosie’s Chocolate Factory, we were greeted by the wonderful Rosie herself who showed us into a room filled with sweet, edible delights. Honestly, the table looked like the best pick-n-mix ever and the chocolate machines stirring the white, milk and dark chocolates made me want to dive right in and scoff the lot. Fortunately, Rosie was on hand to provide me a rather fetching hair net and an apron instead!

When you meet Rosie, you soon realise she’s all about ensuring her guests have the best possible time while they’re with her. She actively encourages crazy chocolate designs and nibbling on the sweets as you go through the session. You can absolutely see why most people who visit return time and again. Those people aren’t just children, in case you’re wondering, hen parties and corporate groups frequently cross the chocolatey threshold to unleash their inner sugar addicts too.

Rosie's Chocolate Factory Lollipops

My happy lollipops!

Chocolate parties are very accessible as Rosie walks you through everything step by step and performs the slightly more specialist parts of the task herself, so you are free to relax and have fun, which I duly did. I can’t remember the last time I had such a goofy grin on my face, I really did let my inner child out! I don’t want to spoil the experience for people who are thinking of going by running you through every last detail of the party but I think my pictures give you a good idea of the outcome.


If you want to book your own party with Rosie, you can book for groups as small as 4 people or as large as 15 at £25 per person. For this price, you’ll make 3 bars of chocolate and 1 lollipop each, which you can decorate any way you want. Plus, you’ll get a bonus shot of chocolate while you’re there…forget the vodka, chocolate shots are SO MUCH BETTER! Rosie will also make special commissions, whether they are for corporate events / launches or a gift for that person in your life who achieved something awesome.

Contact Rosie at:

Rosie’s Chocolate Factory
Unit 1, Sheeplands Farm
RG10 8DL

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