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Hello and welcome to 2019! I hope January has been kind to you so far and that you’re looking forward to packing a lot of fun-filled adventures into the year.

To start you off on the right foot, I’d like to share with you an interview I had with Miriam Sherwood, the creator and star of an exciting show called Rendezvous in Bratislava.

You can catch the show at South Street on 30th January. (Tickets here.)


The Stage

What is the show all about?

“It’s a cabaret about my grandad’s life, with me telling the story. My grandad was a Slovak Jew who experience life under both fascism and communism, so his life story is really interesting to tell.

He also used to write cabarets and always said a cabaret should be ‘a mosaic of entertaining small moments’ and that’s what I’ve set out to achieve.

Why did you decide to embark on this project?

“I’d had the idea about doing something like this for a while. When my grandma died four years ago and we were clearing out her flat, we found some of my grandad’s writing. I hadn’t known it was there but that made me realise I could develop a show using some of his writing.”

What can audiences expect?

“Although the subject matter sounds quite heavy, we undercut it with humour and the music adds a magic touch. Almost all of the music is original and we mix contemporary pop music with music from the period of the story.

We keep the show relaxed, like we’re inviting people into our living room and that closeness is what a lot of people enjoy. We also put on an exhibition of some of the objects related to the show at the end and the audience can come and talk to us about the show and the history behind it.

I’ve had great reactions from everyone who’s seen it and it’s been performed to lots of different groups, from school children to older people, Eastern Europeans who can relate to the history to regular theatre goers and those who rarely attend.”


Find out more about the show here.

It will be performed at South Street on Wednesday 30th January, 8pm. Tickets are £13, £12 for concessions and can be purchased through the Reading Arts website.