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Good morning and happy Monday, one and all. IT IS FINALLY HERE…IT’S FRINGE WEEK!

To celebrate the opening of the week that contains all of the weird, wonderful and down-right amazing shows that make up the Fringe, I would like to share with you the musings of Natasha Sutton Williams, writer, creator and performer of Freud the Musical.

So Natasha, what on earth is this show all about?

“It’s a one-woman show taking down the colossus of Freud and showing people the Freud that is factually true but not many people know about. It contains 13 original songs and I play multiple characters of different genders and even different species. It’s fast paced not just because of all of the characters but because Freud took a lot of cocaine, so I have to play that as well.

It’s like psychoanalysing Freud but with a couple of drinks in your belly…it’s totally tongue in cheek, maybe even tongue in armpit!”

Right…so where did this idea come from?

“I was seventeen and very interested in sex…as most people are at that age and then I found out about and started reading Freud.

I just thought ‘wouldn’t it be funny if he received all of his ideas from a half-cat, half-woman Oedipussy’.

At the time I was at the Arts Educational (theatre) School and started writing some songs. Then it developed when I attended an Arvon writing course and bumped into Willy Russell and Nick Stimson and they suggested I should make it a one-woman show, so that’s what I did.

What’s do you love most about the show?

“The challenge! Playing all of the characters, plus doing the music is really high energy. Also, I didn’t write it with the aim of having Freud played by a woman, so it’s about me inhabiting the character as a woman and playing my version of him, without straying into drag artist territory.

I call it an actor’s workout!”

It sounds amazing to me but who do you think should come and see it?

“Anybody who wants to be entertained!”

Freud the Musical is on at the Penta Hotel on Friday 27th July, 8.30-9.30pm. Tickets are available here.