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A few weeks ago, Independent Reading caught up with the incredible Laura who is the brains behind Nomad Bakery, though you may be familiar with her from the Pop-up Reading events that she also organises. Laura is incredibly supportive of the independent and start-up scene in Reading and shared some of her experiences and advice with us.

How did you make the leap from Pop-up Reading to opening Nomad?

“I built up a network of people in Reading through my Pop-up work, which led me to hearing about the premises for Nomad being available. Before that though, it was actually the prospect of redundancy in my previous job that got me thinking about what I really wanted to do and brought me to the point of ‘I need to do it now’.”

What’s the hardest thing about running your own business?

“Your background doesn’t matter, when you are small you do everything – you’re a one-man army.  That means you get to do all of the fun parts like creating products and working with people but you also have to do the boring things like admin and paying for everything. I learn by working on the job, so I opened quickly but that meant I had little structure and was working from 4am to 9pm, seven days a week at first.”


Sourdough bread is a huge part of the Nomad experience; why did you choose that?

“There was no-one in Reading making proper Sourdough; lots of people struggle with eating bread these days but it’s because the bread isn’t made properly. I wanted to change that, while also providing allergy friendly food options.”

Now you have Nomad, are you still running Pop-up Reading?

“I’ve combined Nomad with Pop-up supper club events, to create Nomad After Hours. These events allow me to experiment and develop new recipes; some of which make it back into Nomad.”

So what’s coming next?

“We’ve got loads of great events coming up, here’s a selection for you…

  • 9th December, 6-9pm Christmas Card Lino Printing @ Nomad Bakery, £25
  • 16th December, 7.45pm, Spirit of Reading (spirit and food event) @ 58 Barbershop (Fifty-eight Workspace), £28
  • 22nd December, 8pm, Portuguese Wine Tasting @ Fifty-eight Workspace, £38
  • 31st December, 9pm, New Year’s Eve – Nomad Style @ Secret Location, £45

You can book tickets for any of our Nomad After Hours events by emailing:

You can find Nomad Bakery at:

10 Prospect Street

Opening Times:

Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm
Sun: 9am-4pm