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Hello again! In keeping with the theme of understanding the impact of lockdown on local businesses, this week we meet Nicola of Nic’s Bakery. Nic’s Bakery is a business that has only come to fruition during lockdown, proving that where there’s a will, there really is a way. It’s worth mentioning that a friend’s pictures of delicious cakes from Nic’s Bakery were what drew the IR eye to this business in the first place.

Nic’s Cupcakes

When did you set up Nic’s Bakery?

I only officially launched Nic’s Bakery on the 1st April 2020.  I had been working on getting everything set up and registered for a couple of months, with the plan of selling locally at stalls. However when lockdown started I questioned whether to start at all.  After getting advice and the go-ahead from the local council on whether I could still safely launch and trade, I decided to change the direction I was going in and set up my online shop, providing contactless and postal deliveries. 

Why did you set up Nic’s Bakery?

Setting up a bakery has been a dream of mine for many years.  I absolutely love to bake and have been baking as a hobby since I was a child.  My friends and family kept saying that I should sell my bakes but I was always so nervous. I finally decided that I can no longer be afraid of following my dream, so bit the bullet and set up the bakery.  I’m amazed at how well its taken off, even during the lockdown!

What were you doing before you set it up?

I actually run the bakery alongside my full time job.  I currently work full time during the day and then from 8pm onwards I work on any bakery orders.  It can be very tiring juggling both a full time job and an online baking business, however by having a strict routine for postal orders and weekend deliveries, I’m managing to continue to grow the business alongside my job – even if I’m generally baking until the early hours on a Friday to fulfil all my Saturday deliveries! 

What’s been your favourite thing about running Nic’s Bakery so far?

Honestly, it’s been putting a smile on people’s faces during this tough time.  I can’t believe how many people are sending cookies and brownies to friends and family to cheer them up and let them know they’re thinking of them. 

I love how my treats make people happy.

How do you think lockdown has impacted you getting started with your business?

I actually thought starting the business during lockdown would mean I wouldn’t really get any orders to begin with, especially as birthday parties and other social gatherings were cancelled.  The initial plan was to take the time to build the website and slowly spread the word, however the lockdown has had the opposite effect!  If anything, I think it’s helped the business grow a lot quicker than planned, as it’s forced me to think about other options like mail order cookies, brownies and biscuits, which were never on the original plan. 

What’s your favourite bake?

At the minute, my favourite bakes are my mint thin brownies and my iced doughnuts!  I’m a huge sucker for mint chocolate and my mint thin brownies are such an indulgent treat for mint chocolate lovers!  Also, my baked doughnuts are amazing with a cup of tea – this weekend I managed to eat 9 in one go!! 

Nic’s Brownies

Special Offer Alert!

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I’ve also just launched my new customer loyalty program where you earn points every time you order.  You earn one point for every pound spent, and when you reach 150 points, you are emailed a unique discount code to receive 15% off your next order.  

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