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I’m not going to go on about it because we all know the current state of the world and the restrictions that have been put in place in the UK. What I have done though is caught up with a few business owners to learn a bit more about what lockdown has meant for them.

Megan and founding pooch, Yogi in the Waggtail Walkies van

The first business is one close to my heart and that is Waggtail Walkies.

Megan is the owner of this wonderful little business and usually walks the IR pooch twice per week. She genuinely loves the dogs she works with and greets them all like long lost friends every time she sees them!

Hi Megan, let’s start by giving everyone a little insight into your business world…

When did you set up Waggtail Walkies?

Waggtail Walkies was founded in 2016.

What made you decide to be a dog walker?

I love animals, and having a dog of my own really made me want to work with them. They all have such different characters and becoming best friends with them was my dream. To work alongside them is even better!

Has the reality of the job been what you expected?

Yes and so much more. The relationships I’ve built with pets and owners is amazing. I truly feel like a part of the family. Seeing the pets’ faces so excited to see you every time you arrive is the best gift every day!

Have you been able to adapt the services you provide during lockdown?

In some cases yes. Front line workers are still having to leave the house, therefore I’ve been able to provide solo walks or visits to them. Unfortunately guidelines set by the Canine and Feline Sector Group, meant group walks were not advisable. This has meant a huge drop in dogs I can care for.

What has this meant for your business?

Business has declined massively. Income has basically stopped completely. Over the last 4-5 years, I have put my all in to building my little business up to what it was. I am so proud of how it was operating and happy with where I was. I’m hoping this lockdown won’t have a major effect in the long run. With people hopefully returning back to work soon, and lots of pet owners wanting to get a normal routine back for their dogs, I’m hoping it will pick back up – but slowly!

Have you got any plans to do anything differently when you’re able to work full-time again?

I will be taking all recommended extra precautions when handling the pets and homes I enter. Group walks will be of a small capacity to begin with as well. What I don’t want is to rush back into anything and potentially cause a spread of the virus. Slow and steady and things will fall back into place. I’ve also taken this time out to progress and gain as much knowledge as I can. I have been doing online courses for Dog Care, Dog Grooming and Animal Reiki. So look out for future posts on our page regarding these new services I may be offering!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Waggtail Walkies would like to thank all of our clients, who have loyally stood by us in this horrible time. It’s been tough for us all, but to have family and friends who believe in our services is amazing and so encouraging. We will continue to deliver the best service in any circumstance and most of all, love your pet as you do!

As well as dog walking, Megan offers pet-sitting and drop-in services when you’re away. She’s done a sterling job looking after the IR dog while we’ve been on holiday previously. Check out her recommendations on Facebook! Waggtail Walkies in based in West Reading and covers primarily that side of town, through to central Reading.

Waggtail Walkies is great to follow on social media if you like dogs and other cute furry animals. Check her out here:

And finally, here’s the IR dog with one of her best friends, Megan.