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Hello everyone, what a fabulous day it is here in the ‘Ding!

For those of you who have followed and interacted with IR a lot in the past, you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts on the blog and on social media recently. Like many people, I found the last lockdown rather challenging mentally and I had to make some choices about where to focus the little mental energy I had. For me, that focus had to go to my paid employment for reasons that I’m sure are obvious.

I’ve also changed job twice since I started IR back in the autumn of 2017 and the current job is very demanding a lot of the time. Much of my IR time has disappeared but that’s not stopped my big ideas popping into my head. While I work out how I can best bring some of those to life, I’ll be opening up the blog to more writers. So many of you out there are passionate about the wonderful town we live in and the brilliant people running businesses that make Reading a place like no other, so I’m working on making IR more of a community that everyone can contribute to.

I have a couple of writers in the pipeline already but I’m always open to more, whether you’d like to promote one business or many, you’re welcome to jump in and share via the IR social channels. Everything will be fully credited to you. If you’re interested, drop me a line!

Have a wonderful week, see you soon.