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Good morning everyone! Today I’d like to introduce you to one of the many sole-trader businesses that we have in Reading. I spotted Henna Art by Lalaa on Instagram and loved Zara’s work so much that I asked if I could feature her on the IR blog. Luckily she said yes!

Wrist Design: Henna Art by Lalaa

How did you get into henna?

We had a culture project in year 6 and I was asked if I could design a henna palm picture for the display board for Pakistan…so I used a brown colouring pencil and started doodling!¬†From then on, I continued to practice with pencils first and then one day picked up a henna cone.

What’s your favourite of the henna designs you have done?

This one!

How long does henna usually last?

I use organic henna, so with the right care the stain can last up to two weeks.

Are there simpler options if people want to try it out?

Yes, you can have a small tattoo-style design from around ¬£8, all the way up to full bridal designs which cover both hands up the middle of the forearm or designs for the feet. It’s up to you and the price will depend on the type of design you choose, but I’ll work with you on that.

What’s your favourite part of being a henna artist?

Meeting new people and being part of their big day!

Zara operates Henna Art by Lalaa on a mobile basis. The best way to see more of her work or contact her is via social media. Check out her Facebook here and her Instagram here.