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Have you ever sunk your teeth into a cake that was just so perfect you almost didn’t want to eat it because then you’d have no more cake to sink your teeth into? Well, let us introduce the fabulous Natalie Dickinson, the genius behind Cuppies ‘n’ Cream.

So Natalie, tell us what it was that inspired you to take the leap into professional baking…

“I’ve always baked, always! As a child it was normal for us to have home baked bread rather than shop bought. Back in the summer of 2011 I baked some cupcakes for my niece and decided to take the decorating part a little further and more detailed than I usually would.  Friends saw them and ordered, then told more people about me and all of a sudden I had a Facebook page and a website.”

You make some truly stunning stunning cakes but it must have been pretty nerve-wracking the first time you made a wedding cake…

“I still remember it now. It was a cupcake tower with a top tier cutting cake. I was fine until I had to leave the house and drive with everything. I must have been the slowest driver on the road. The venue was a countryside barn with lots of dirt track roads and hills. I was a nervous wreck! The cakes were a centerpiece of the room so it was incredibly important that they looked good from every angle.”  What’s your favourite cake either to eat or bake?

Sequin Cake

“To eat I love Red Velvet or something fruity and I prefer natural flavours to artificial. Every time I do a cake it’s my new favourite! I guess my most recent favourite was this super girly three tier wedding cake with ruffles and gold sequins.”  What’s the weirdest bake you’ve ever been asked for?

“I don’t think you’ll be able to publish it!!! Ha! Lets just say it was very very rude and I turned it down.”

If you’ve been inspired by Natalie’s stunning cakes, you can contact her at:
Or, why not check out her website:
And as if she wasn’t already busy enough, Natalie also has a brilliant blog featuring delicious baking recipes: