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There was a time when Caversham was part of Oxfordshire rather than Berkshire. With its close proximity to Reading, the ‘Ding of course became its natural home and we’re lucky to count it as part of this wonderful town today.

If you’re new to the Reading area, you might not have ventured outside of the town centre. Caversham is an absolute must-visit and contains a huge number of independent businesses, all clustered together and thriving alongside a few big-name, national businesses.

IR has caught up with a few of Caversham’s residents to understand which of the Caversham indies are their favourites and why.

First up, we meet Andy who is a huge fan of The Scooter Cafe, where he transformed his commute to work.

Andy models a Vespa at The Scooter Cafe

Seven years ago, Andy was struggling with traffic on the way to Reading station as part of his daily commute when a friend suggested he get a scooter so he could cut through the traffic.

Andy came down to The Scooter Cafe and hasn’t looked back since.

It makes a big difference having a local business where they give you impartial advice about what you do and don’t need. They only stock good quality models here and provide great value with great service.

Andy’s advice for anyone considering getting a scooter?

Go for it but make sure you’ve also got the right safety equipment; The Scooter Cafe have all of that at really reasonable prices.

I fell in love with this yellow Vespa

IR says a HUGE thank-you to Andy for giving up some of his time to come down and share his passion for scooters at The Scooter Cafe.

Now we meet not one but a fab four Caversham residents who wanted to nominate Tipsy Bean as a top independent.

Meet Tara (left) with Bohdi the Whippet and Susie (right) with Vinny the Miniature Dachshund

The eagle-eyed among you might recognise Susie because she’s a co-owner of another of our local independents, Makan Malaysia.

Tara & Bohdi and Susie & Vinny are neighbours are LOVE the fact that Tipsy Bean is dog-friendly.

We love Tipsy Bean because they are so welcoming to dog owners; Bohdi and Vinny even get a biscuit when they come in!

IR loves Tipsy Bean because it’s the perfect venue for a mid-week get-together with some friends for a relaxed, but delicious drink.

Cheers(!) to Tara and Susie for sharing their love of Tipsy Bean with us!

Finally, for this post we meet Alex who has selected Caversham Homecrafts and his top pick of indies in the area.

Alex (left) with Neil Asbury, owner of Caversham Homecrafts

Alex shared with IR that there’s been a hardware store where Caversham Homecrafts sits for the past 56 years!

Caversham Homecrafts if one of those stores I end up popping into most weeks. Mr. Asbury has owned the shop for 8 years and it is one of those places where nothing is too much trouble.

IR will let you in on a little secret here, Tara who nominated Tipsy Bean is also a huge fan of Caversham Homecrafts. Both Tara and Alex have raved about the breadth of products packed into this fantastic shop.

In Alex’s words:

The staff always have time for a friendly word of advice about everything from stain removal to lawn treatments. They always have time for a chat, which is a rarity these days.

Thank you so much to Alex for sharing his experience of shopping at Caversham Homecrafts.

There were heaps more nominations for people’s favourite Caversham businesses, from caf├ęs to restaurants, vintage shops to hair salons and everything in between.

You can walk to Caversham from Reading station in a matter of minutes, so if you’ve not been down yet, what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget that every first and third Sunday of the month is Caversham Artisan & Farmers’ Market too, so that’s a perfect time to go!