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Coffee…coffee, coffee, coffee. Would the world actually stop spinning if people stopped drinking coffee? I think it might! These days coffee is the drink of choice for everything from getting through the work day alive to whiling away some hours with friends but despite that, it can be really hard to find good coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you probably already know that independents are the way to go. For that very reason, Independent Reading caught up with Maria of C.U.P. (Coffee Under Pressure).

So, Maria, tell us about the people behind C.U.P…

“C.U.P. is the result of a team effort, from several talented and amazing people at the moment; but the two minds behind the whole concept are the two co-founders and head baristas Maria and Nasos.

Both are well-trained baristas from Greece, with 15 years’ knowledge around speciality coffee and food.”


And what was it that inspired you to open C.U.P.?

“We wanted to open a coffee shop of the highest standard, where we could do the thing that we love. The tricky part is that you must never rest on your laurels, always be your strictest judge and try to look at things from a customer’s perspective.”

Why Reading?

“We think this was our best decision! We love Reading’s unique style and its semi-vintage, semi-modern character. Reading is a perfect match for C.U.P.’s concept and we both believe that it has still a lot to offer as a town, which is really exciting!”


Finally, what’s your favourite coffee?

“At the moment my favourite is a single origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G3, made as a filter coffee with the V60 method. It’s very smooth and gentle on the palate with a great strawberry jam sweetness. With his Mediterranean temperament, Nasos prefers more intense and complex flavours which he finds in a freddo espresso.”

You can find C.U.P. hidden away in a quiet little spot right next to St Mary’s Church, roughly opposite Pavlov’s Dog.

53 St. Mary’s Butts

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm