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Hiding just outside Caversham in the village of Ipsden is Blue Tin Produce, a family-run farm and farm shop, specialising in free-range rare breed meets. Independent Reading originally stumbled upon the farm by spotting a field of piglets that were just too cute to walk past without saying hello!

Blue Tin

We’ve been fortunate enough to catch up with the lovely Emma, the lady of the farm and farm shop hostess, to understand a little more about the ethos behind what they’re doing.

So who exactly is behind the Blue Tin Produce farm and farm shop?

There’s me, Emma, my husband Jed who runs the agricultural side of the farm and our two sons, Jake who’s 10 and Jonny who’s 8.

And how did you get started?

Before we took it over 10 years ago, the farm was owned by Jed’s dad but the shop has only been in existence since we’ve been in charge. It all started one day when we left some eggs outside the gate while we went to the pub; by the time we came home, someone had bought the eggs. That was the beginning of the farm shop!


Your website says you sell “truly local produce”, what does that mean?

We try and source all of the produce we sell from within a 5-mile radius, which is really quite difficult but it’s important to us. All of the meat and veg. we sell comes from the farm and we work with small, local producers to expand the range to include cheese, sauces, etc.

What’s next for Blue Tin Produce?

We’ve got a really exciting time coming up! We’ve just picked up our existing shop and moved it a few feet to make space for the build of a larger shop. We’ll be expanding our range of produce to include things such as hot smoked salmon, yoghurts and a greater range of meat and bakery produce. We’ll also be serving hot drinks and nibbles for the many walkers and cyclists who visit us.

We’re open at the usual times throughout the build and once we’ve got the expanded shop up and running, (December) we’ll be open longer too.

You can find Blue Tin Produce at:

Keepers Cottage
Garsons Farm
OX10 6QU

Current opening hours are:

Wednesday 9am-1pm
Friday 9am-3pm
Saturday 9am-3pm