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Exciting news, people of Reading…we have a new pop-up shop! It’s called Bali Pop Up and is in St. Martin’s Precinct in Caversham. (That’s the main shopping area in the middle of Caversham, for those of us who aren’t so hot on official names.)

Bali 2
Bali 3

Bali Pop Up has actually been open for five weeks already and is currently set to remain until mid-July but I’m reliably informed by Treve, one of the team behind this shop that they’re hoping to extend beyond that.

That’s not guaranteed though, so I suggest you get down there within the next few weeks and check it out. The gorgeous interior pieces have been curated by Treve and his wife Anne-Marie and come from Bali, Java and Lombok. Not only is their collection absolutely stunning, there’s also more clarity around the production line than you’ll find in larger stores. Treve assures me that the items you’ll find in Bali Pop Up are:

  • Sustainable; the wood used is reclaimed wood
  • Handmade in the truest sense, not in factories but by small communities
  • Child-labour free
Bali 7
This is the base of a table – epic!

There are many quirky, unique pieces in the shop and there are plans to bring more unique stock over soon. I highly recommend popping for a browse, but make sure you take your wallet for the inevitable purchase!

Bali Pop Up
21 St. Martin’s Centre

07707 470366