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Hello, hello! Just a brief note from IR today to introduce you to our spring series of blog posts, “A Day in the Life of…”.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll meet some wonderful local business owners and learn more about what it takes to run your own business.

A lot of passion goes into making independent businesses as great as they are and we thought it was high-time that we showcased just how much people give to their businesses and consequently to us as consumers. It’s easy to see the glossy exterior and forget about the enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. Local entrepreneurs manage everything from marketing to accounting, customer service to product creation and still keep smiling. They are nothing short of amazing.

Kicking off the series tomorrow is a baker who also manages to find time to home-school her children. I think Superwoman would be an appropriate name for her but she prefers Lissy.

Look out for these posts and please, please spread the word about Reading’s awesome indie business scene.