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Hands up, this isn’t strictly a Reading thing but it is a thing that’s happening in Reading. Girls across the country are missing school because they can’t afford sanitary products. Yes, you really did read that correctly. Girls are missing out on education because they’re unable to manage a completely natural part of being female in a way that makes them feel comfortable enough to go to school. What the actual…???

Luckily, some fabulous individuals have set up the Red Box Project which provides sanitary products to schools, with the aim of reaching those who can’t afford to buy these products themselves.

The Reading & Wokingham Facebook page is here, where you’ll find more information about what’s happening in our local area. You can also donate specifically to them, rather than the nationwide project the following ways:

  • Buy some sanitary products and drop them off within Sainsbury’s in Winnersh or at Stitchery Do in Wokingham
  • Give money via their JustGiving page
  • Buy things on their Amazon wishlist and have them sent directly to the project

As well as donations, the project needs more drop-off points in the Reading area. If you think you might be able to host a drop-off point, please get in touch and let them know. (You can use FB messenger on their FB page.)

Please consider a donation; most of us are so fortunate that we don’t even look at the price of sanitary products. We are able to walk into a shop, pick up what we need and carry on with our day. Having something stop you in your tracks every month that you didn’t even choose to have would be incredibly limiting.

Thank you in advance for your support!